Atlanta Paper Recycling specializes in recycling and selling wood pallets, especially the most popular size 48” x 40”. Whether you have wood pallets (of any size) to recycle and sell, or need to buy wood pallets (of any size), give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide a consultation to best suit your needs.

If you have:
  • Wood pallets of any size, and especially the most popular 48” X 40” size, and want or need to recycle them, please call us!
We prefer:
  • To sell wood pallets by the tractor trailer load, but have the capability of selling smaller loads.
What we do:
  • We’ll make an assessment, buy the wood pallets at a premium price - especially for high volume - repair them, and sell them by the tractor trailer load to manufacturers, distribution centers, companies, distributors, and warehouses.
We want:
  • To collect as many wood pallets as possible, so please call us.
  • We’ll recycle and refurbish the wood pallets and get them back out into the industry. If the wood pallets need work, we’ll get them repaired quickly and recycle them.
Upon request:
  • We can fit your need for specialty size wood pallets.
Everyone loves:
  • To see materials recycled and reused, and to keep things out of the landfills.

Call us today for a consultation and find out how we can help you easily recycle your industrial materials. We are always a phone call away and are here when you need us!